Although Windows 7/10 offer a level of security not seen in previous versions of the operating system, there are times when it can be annoying to have to login every time the computer is rebooted. Luckily, Microsoft does offer a solution to having to login every time. Learn how to setup Windows 7/10 to automatically log into an account.

A Word or Two of Warning

Obviously, by setting up Windows 7/10 to automatically log into an account, you give anyone with access to your computer the ability to use your computer. Setting up an administrator’s account as the default account is probably not a wise idea no matter how convenient it may be for you.

One way to combat this problem is to set it up so Windows automatically logs into a guest or standard account. Remember that if you set up an account with administrative privileges to log in automatically, anyone could set a password for the account and completely lock you out of your own computer. Choose carefully the account you want Windows to automatically log into whenever the computer is restarted.

Setup Automatic Login in Windows 7 and 10

To set up the automatic login in Windows 7/10, begin by logging into Windows with an account that has administrative privileges and clicking on Start and then on Run. If you don’t have the Run command on your Start menu, you can alternatively hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the R key.

Either method will bring up the Run dialogue box. Type the following line in the Run dialogue box and then click the OK button. In Windows 10, you can also type in netplwiz and it will bring up the same dialog.

This opens the User Accounts window where you can control various aspects of users and their properties. Click on the Users tab and locate an option titled Users Must Enter A User Name and Password To Use This Computer. This option is what makes it necessary to select a user and then type in a password to login to your computer.

Uncheck this box and click the OK button. Windows will immediately open another dialogue box asking if you want to choose an account into which the operating system will automatically login when Windows boots up.

Type in the username and password you want to use as the automatic login account. You have to confirm the password and then you can click the OK button. By default, it’ll  load up the username that you had selected in the previous window. If you want to use a non-administrator account, make sure you create the account first before you start this process.

Restart Windows and verify that the operating system automatically logs into the account you specified above.

Although a convenient feature, there are some caveats to having Windows automatically log into an account. Some people use this feature temporarily to save some steps during a specific project. Others use a guest or other limited account as the default login account to set up a public or kiosk computer either in a public place or in their homes.

Whatever your reasons, take care that you don’t accidentally give someone unrestricted access to your computer and cause yourself a whole lot of grief! Enjoy!