This is part two in our Intel Core processor comparison. Check out Part I of the Intel i-series CPU Comparison . Here, we will be breaking down the top of the line Core i7, offering some buying advice, and making a conclusion.

Core i7

Last, but not least, we have the Intel Core i7 processor lineup. Core i7’s are the current top of the line, out of all the Core series processors. They are also the most expensive. Technically, Core i7’s also come in two different varieties. The notable difference between the two? Chipset.

Core i7 processors are available in either a LGA1156 chipset or a LGA1366 chipset. Both chipsets offer quad core performance, virtualization support, hyper threading, and Turbo Boost Technology. However, the i7 9xx series processors, which utilize the 1366 chipset, are considered to be slightly faster, and the “best of the best” out of all processors, even AMD.

Both variations of the Core i7 CPU will offer similar performance in most cases, and that performance is screaming fast. The i7 9xx may perform slightly better in heavy gaming.

Should you buy a computer with an i7 processor? That would be up to you. For most computer users, an i7 processor is far from necessary. But if you want the latest and fastest, that’s what the i7 is all about.

Even if you are doing some above average video rendering, Intel’s cheaper Core i5 should be able to handle that. If you know what the term “overclocking” means, the Core i7 may be just what you were looking for. If you have the cash to dish out, you could even consider going the Core i7 Extreme route, which will put you at light speed… Not light speed, but pretty darn fast.

Possible Future Releases

Intel’s Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors should be here for a while. However, if you are considering purchasing an i7 processor, and want the best of the best, you may want to hold off a bit longer.

Many tech enthusiasts have noted that Intel will release a new top of the line processor dubbed “i9.” Most likely, this will not drop the price of the other Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors. Rather, it will be offered as an ultra high performance processor. A Core i9 is definitely possible in the near future, possibly by Q3 of this year??

Spec Updates

In part 1 of the series, we mentioned that now is a good time to buy Intel Core series processors, and that Intel shouldn’t be releasing any new processors soon. It should be understood that processors are often times given a spec update. For example, a 2.4GHz processor may be replaced by a 3.0GHz processor.

However, spec updates mainly deal with clock speed. The heavy majority of the time, a spec update will not offer any “new ground breaking technologies.” Simply, a minor speed boost.

Conclusion and Advice

Whether you decide on the Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7, you will be getting a quality processor. All three versions in the Intel Core series have received outstanding reviews from all major tech experts and review sites.

The differences between the three processors is quite obvious, and price reflects that. Get a computer within your budget. But don’t get a high priced computer with an older Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad series processor.

Not that these aren’t great processors, but the newer Core i3-i5-i7 series offers better performance at a lower price. The newer series also runs on a newer chipset. In turn, these processor will be more “future proof.”